Areas Organizer(s)
Stream 1: Decision Theory and Multiple Criteria Decision Aid José Rui Figueira,
Hatem Masri,
Stream 2: Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Mohamed Dia,
Stream 3: Supply Chain and Logistics Management Fouad Ben Abdelaziz,
Stream 4: Optimization and Metaheuristics Talbi El-Ghazali,
Stream 5: ORMS in Manufacturing and Service Management Taicir Loukil,
Stream 6: ORMS for Development Theo Stewart,
Stream 7: ORMS in Finance and Economics Sabri Boubaker,
Stream 8: ORMS Models in Business Salah Ben Abdallah,
Stream 9: ORMS and Health Care Management Malek Masmoudi,
Stream 10: ORMS in Agriculture and Water Resource Management Sihem Chairat,

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